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  DISCLOSURE 101 - a beginners guide to the Extra-terrestrial issue.  

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Disclosure 101 – a beginners guide to the Extra-terrestrial issue.

1. What is Disclosure?

Disclosure is a process that basically focuses on revealing to the general public what is the truth behind extraterrestrial life.

Disclosure it’s defined in the activists’ advocacy work that I’m involved in. It’s very specific, it has a capital D and it is the formal acknowledgement of the extraterrestrial presence by the Governments of the world, starting likely with a single Government breaking the ice.

Disclosure really means for me, the formal announcement by Governments of the world that we are not alone.

The disclosure of extraterrestrial presence on earth just means sharing whatever available credible evidence there is of that reality with the general public.

2. How will Disclosure affect everyday life?

 Disclosure will have tremendous effect on everyday life. The minute they release free energy, which is basically the propulsion systems of the ET craft, there would be an abundance of water, they’ll be able to desalinate the sea, to have fresh water, less to fight about, you’ll be able to plant crops in the dessert, it would lead to so much food, it would lead to new technologies, and the interesting byproduct of course is antigravity.

Disclosure ……. so massive, is the biggest paradigm shift in social science, political, you name it, I mean is the biggest in history, impossible to predict.

That will enrich our own culture; provide us access to new technologies which inevitably leads to more jobs, an enriched economy, and everything we know about life will simply expand.

It will open up the universe; it’ll change our awareness and our attitude about everything. It will be an incredible moment in human history.

We are going to start to examine our own structures to the very core. We are going to examine our economic structure, our religious structures, we’re going to look at our society and how we teach our children. Even how we exchange goods and service because as we start to interact with other cultures and see other potentials, other ways of doing things that are more harmonious, we will be inspired to do better.

3. What is Exopolitics?

Exopolitics is all about the study of the public policy implications of extraterrestrial life.

Exopolitics means an academic study of the extraterrestrial presence on earth and its political as well as sociological implications.

There is so much information that’s coming forward at this point, and Exopolitics represents the whistleblowers, the personal accounts, the eye witness testimony.

Exopolitics is about acknowledging that what was once secret is now true. It´s an academic subject, also a personal subject, it’s a movement; it’s something that people care passionately about.

4. How does Exopolitics facilitate Disclosure?

Well, it’s not so much Exopolitics facilitates disclosure, the disclosure process is part of, it’s something… it comes under Exopolitics, the disclosure movement comes under Exopolitics, it’s one small component of it. Exopolitics will eventually come to include galactic diplomacy or treaties and relationships with other civilizations. But right now it refers to things such as the Government actions and Government positions, the truth embargo, how people are dealing with the issue. Within the field of Exopolitics there is an advocacy movement called The Disclosure Movement, and that movement obviously if it succeeds in getting disclosure, well certainly cement the concept, the field of Exopolitics once and for all as part of human society.

We might be a pain in the neck to disclosure, so, as far as… from one point of view, you know, we could be seen as threatening those powers who wanna keep it secret. With the other point of view, people like Michael Salla and Jeff Peckman and, you know, even Steven Bassett, present such a powerful argument and they’re so logical and so well documented that it could be seen as facilitating the truth.

Exopolitics builds up a huge cannon ball of consciousness which will bash down the shadow government’s Berlin wall. This would finally lead to a planetary voice where all humans would be represented by consensus. In such a state, the ETs would recognize us as a civilized society and we’ll be welcomed in the collective family.

5. Are we ready for Disclosure?

It’s funny, you know, when you said that, right away I thought “Gee, were we ready to go to the moon? You know, were we, as a people, ready to go to the moon?” And I have to say, some of us were more ready than other people and some people were saying “Oh, this is a waste of NASA and NASA is a waste of money, and why are we doing this?” And some people were like “Oh my golly, I wanna grow up and be an astronaut” And other people, probably didn´t even pay any attention to any of the space launches. So I would imagine that the disclosure phenomenon is gonna be pretty similar. I think some people are gonna be very critical of it, and some people are gonna be so excited they can’t wait to get involved in the movement (and I hope that happens to a large degree) and some people are gonna ignore it. That’s what I think our readiness is.

My personal opinion is that we are coming closer everyday to being ready for disclosure. The reason that disclosure has not happened yet is because the consciousness of the majority of people on this planet would have been too strongly, adversely affected. It would have shifted people’s realities in such a dramatic way that I think it would not have been a positive.

There was a very important poll by the National Geographic in 2005, and that showed that 72% of people that were ………. on the question of “How would you respond to the discovery of extraterrestrial life?” 72% said that they would be optimistic and hopeful. And I think that’s a very important statistic. That shows that more than two thirds of the American public is really ready for extraterrestrial disclosure. They are ready for what is life out there. That same poll showed that nearly 9% were fearful, anxious about the disclosure of extraterrestrial life.

So, do I think it’s ready? I think some people are, I think the young people are, I think the children are ready, I mean, it certainly have to had been, you know, they’ve been schooled in it from the media and everything. But I’m not sure that the entire population of the planet is ready.

How can YOU help with disclosure?

There’s two recommendations that I would have for helping, at least in the US. One is to go to and push the button that says: how to start a valid initiative. Because that’s the way people can pass laws irrespective of the elected officials.  And one of those laws could be just to require disclosure of this information to the general public. And the other would be to find some occasion, some opportunity to write articles about what you know, and try to get that into the mainstream news in any way that you can.

I think people can help with the disclosure process by really just telling as many people as they know about what they have found in their own research, in their own investigations. I think disclosure is very much a process, it’s a social process in many ways, that is educating people. One of the themes of this international UFO congress is educating people about UFOs one person at a time and I think that’s very wise. That would really need to do this with each person going out there, telling loved ones, telling friends, what they know about extraterrestrial life. And even though there’re challenges in doing that, sometimes one has to face ridicule and skepticism but nevertheless the more people there are prepared the better for what lies ahead because I think the information, when it is released in an official way, will come out very very quickly and just overwhelm people’s capacity to understand and digest it all.

It’s very very very important, that everybody gets together as opened about the fact that there is extraterrestrial presence. It shouldn’t come as a surprise and we should not ridicule others. This is another very very important fact, stop the ridicule, stop laughing, get down and research and read. All the information about the extraterrestrial presence is on our libraries, it’s on the internet, and people can access it quite freely.

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