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  Cómo sería una falsa bandera de invasión extraterrestre  
  El 21 de Diciembre del 2010, en el foro del Project Avalon Forum, dirigido por Bill Ryan, de Project Camelot, aparece una persona llamada Harley Hawkins enumerando los puntos que diferencian una operación de falsa bandera de invasión extraterrestre a una de verdad. Unos días después, Charles (Atticus), este personaje que trabaja para resolver problemas a la élite por encima de Bilderberg, Illuminati y otras sociedades secretas, los llamados Grupo de los 33, quienes llevan dirigiendo el planeta desde hace 17.000 años, se pone en contacto con Bill Ryan porque está siendo un problema para esta élite.

La misión de Charles, es la de resolver ese problema. No obstante, ocurre que entre ambos se establece una interesante amistad (tal como lo cuentan ambos), y cambian los planes. A raíz de ahí, Bill entrevista a Charles en video, podéis verlo aquí abajo, quien hace de mediador entre la élite que realmente gobierna en el planeta y la población despierta. Una interesante entrevista, aunque el inglés de Charles no se entiende muy bien. Espero que puedan transcribir la entrevista.

A raíz de esta amistad, se abre en el foro de Project Avalon un espacio para que los individuos despiertos puedan hacerle preguntas directamente a Charles (Atticus), sobre cualquier tema de interés relacionado con la situación del planeta, la élite, la falsa bandera, etc. Aquí podéis ver toda la información que se ha ido generando. Aquí tenéis la recopilación en pdf de todas las preguntas y respuestas generadas hasta día de hoy (270111). Aquí las actualizaciones

Parece que esta situación es una oportunidad de crear un nunca visto puente entre la verdadera élite que gobierna el Planeta y la población despierta. Un canal de información para comprender mejor quiénes son, por qué están en esa posición de poder, desde cuando, cuáles son sus motivaciones, objetivos, y qué planean para los próximos tiempos.

Muchos sentirán que lo último que hay que hacer es conversar con esta élite porque nos está matando... o porque hacerlo es cambiar de "bando" o cosas por el estilo. Aquí opino igual que Bill, que desde un punto de vista espiritual, el ying y el yang se complementan para que ambos evolucionen, y este caso no es una excepción. Así que comprenderlos a ellos, resituar nuestras emociones en relación a ellos y resituar quiénes somos y por qué estamos aquí, puede ayudar a que recuperemos el poder perdido y entregado durante milenios a alguien externo a nosotros. Para recuperar nuestras vidas, nuestra civilización, debemos recuperarnos a nosotros mismos primero, ya que no somos víctimas de nadie. Aquí un autovideo de Bill con explicaciones al respecto, muy aclaratorio de la entrevista con Charles y esta posición que manifiesto aquí. Se entiende muy bien para los que saben inglés.


Dado que uno de los escenarios que están planeando es la Falsa Bandera de Invasión Extraterrestre, es interesante leer los comentarios que hace Charles (quien está al corriente de este plan), sobre las observaciones de Harley Hawkins. Saber esta información hace que estemos más alerta, que si ocurre sepamos discernir y a la vez influimos en sus planes. De aquí procede la información que copio:

Por cierto, aquí tenéis una recopilación de eventos que tal vez preparan el terreno para crear ese escenario de falsa bandera.

Dear All:

The following important new information is based on an original thread started by Avalon member Harley Hawkins, here:

What has not yet been published, until now, is Charles' response to the piece.

He was so concerned when he read it - in mid-December, before my video interview with him was recorded, and then released on 1 January 2011 - that he asked me privately what Harley Hawkins' background was. He stressed to me personally that this was very highly sensitive, as HH had seemingly accidentally identified all the core ingredients of a coming false flag event intended to establish the ETs as threats.

HH's response to Charles' immediate question - how did he know all this? - was that it 'came to him' intuitively. I fully believe this. No doubt he will respond for himself in this thread.

HH and I both asked Charles if it was okay to publish his comments. Charles said that it was my call: so I decided that I should wait until the 1 January video interview was published, and the dust had settled at least just a little. This is what I've done, with Charles and HH's agreement.

Here is HH's original post. Charles' personal comments are interspersed in bold italic.


Please note that I am in no way promoting doom and gloom and fear. Keep in mind that the purpose of these discussions are for us to figure out what the plans are, how the events may unfold, and what we as a group might be able to do to either stop or change those plans.

Exposing these plans makes us shelve them until further notice.
I believe that once there is a general consensus amongst the group, simply publishing our analysis could "Throw a huge wrench" in their plans, possibly forcing them to (at the least) make adjustments.
See - bang on as usual. Good man. I'm really impressed.

Anything not us is the enemy. Anything - and if not an enemy, a food source or energy source, in short. But as usual, you’re very perceptive.
Almost immediately after Bill announced the plans for Demonization / Criminalization of the alternative media, he was personally attacked on the open forum and the highly publicized criminalization of Wikileaks began. By now I would think that it should be rather obvious to most that these plans within their agenda have already started and that they are happening NOW. Since being BEHIND the ball isn't going to do anyone any good, my question is: WHEN DO WE START? And my answer is: WE START NOW!
Bill has and is doing so by talking to me. Now you have popped up, and you are sincere. I know this.
The False Flag Alien Threat:

I have not said anything about this up until now because I was waiting to see if someone else might.
Time doesn't matter. You still did say it, didn't you? Couldn't help yourself, could you! Excellent.
But because I have had a growing concern for some time, which has almost become a sense of urgency within myself, I feel I need to say this now. Whatever I know or think I know does not matter in the least.
Enough with the modesty, you know! And you have for a while now, further back than you think, if you sit down and really 'feel' about it.
You may accept or reject any or all of this. That is entirely up to you. But at least the seed will have been planted. Keep in mind that if some or none of this comes to pass there's always the possibility that the seeds of truth that we have planted has exposed enough of their plans to the greater public to cause them to cancel or change their course of action. Ideally, that is our goal.
Very practical.
The Attack:

This will truly be an international event. But unlike 9-11, which only occurred in the U.S., it will have to be magnitudes bigger (After 9-11, remember the difficulties Bush had in convincing NATO and the allies to join "his war"?). However, even at that it's not going to be that difficult or take that much to convince an unsuspecting world that aliens are attacking. And most everything needed to accomplish such a feat is in place RIGHT NOW. I won't attempt to go into any details of the assault because details have to be always adjustable according to changing events as they occur, but I will list some (possible) things to look for. I will also attempt to list the possible differences in the sequences of events between a Real Enemy attack and a False Flag attack so that when it occurs you may more easily identify which it is.

And please, by all means, feel free to read between the lines!
It's been rolling for a long while, but certain individuals in mainstream Hollywood have been trying to counter this.
Either Scenario could begin similarly:

1. A few MAJOR sighting events from around the world and broadcast live to the world. (Escalation)
A few technological breakthroughs will be made first, enabling us to detect them more efficiently.
2. A UFO or two is reported as being brought down, with dead and captured-alive aliens. (Escalation)
Already available at a moment’s notice, but is considered an ace in the hole for the most part. They will sit on this, unless the scientific community start coming up with awkward questions. Then it will steal the limelight.
3. A few of Earth's military assets from around the world are reportedly taken out. An F16 here, an F22 there, throw in a few MIGs, and maybe even a ship or two. All with loss of life. (Escalation)
Hospitals, schools, power stations, satellites etc.
Real Enemy:


1. Take out ALL of earth's satellites - Communications, Radar and Tracking, Space-Based Weapons – All of it including the International Space Station. At this point we will have no more TV coverage unless you have an antenna.

2. Take out earth's air, ground, and sea defenses and Command and
Control facilities.

3. Begin taking out earth's infrastructure: Power and water plants, Food supply, etc. (Depending on the aliens agenda or when we surrender.

I need not go any further.

False-Flag Enemy:


1. Take out SOME of earth's satellites (Only Non-Essential). TV will remain intact to afford the highest visibility to the public.

2. Along with the re-entering satellites will come the take-down of the I.S.S. This will be your Major International Event because it will be watched by everyone, on TV. (Maximum Effect).

3. ICBMs in the U.S., and possibly even in the U.K., Russia, or other areas of the world, will be attacked and disabled. Although ICBMs are not defensive systems and cannot be used as interceptors, this will prove to have a great additional effect because the public has already been “conditioned” to possible UFO/ICBM shutdowns.

4. Air battles and missile launches will be witnessed by everyone, but it will all be skewed to depict the earth as “Holding Its Own”. We will see wins here and losses there, but they will want the population to believe that we have a chance at defeating the enemy BECAUSE they want this to be a long-term, long-standing war.

5. Over the years, most freedoms and many lives will be lost. ALL FOR A LIE!

There is one more possibility that I'd like to mention. Has anyone gave much real thought as to why the last Space Shuttle mission marking the end of the Space Shuttle Program has been delayed so many times and for so long? Sure, I know there are sometimes delays. But for six months or more? Also does everyone know who canceled the Space Shuttle Program? No it was NOT Obama. It was Bush! The Shuttle System was conceived exclusively for the building and servicing of the I.S.S., so basically what this means is the end of the shuttles marks the completion and any major servicing of the station. In other words It Is In-Place. Also, wouldn't that be a tremendous “effect” for everyone to see the final shuttle “Shot Down” while on landing approach, say over L.A.?

Now that I have myself completely depressed, as I'm sure you all are also, I think I'd better stop. I REALLY do not enjoy saying this stuff but I also REALLY need to bring it out in the open. This is one of the reasons I was brought here and I am trying to help. The more people who know how to identify and understand these events as they occur, the more that will cry FOUL and say


Many thanks to Bill, Hiram, and all of my friends whom have supported and encouraged me. We CAN and WILL make this OUR UNIVERSE!
Look: it's all uncannily accurate. I don't know your background, but I'm sure it's gonna be a little complicated.

Could you keep my comments to yourself, for the moment anyway.

I'm sure in the same way you have figured out this time to speak, you will know to come forward.

I don't know what your relationship is to Bill, but I don't have any secrets from him. So feel free to let him know I have contacted you.

Might be an idea not to be sooooo accurate in public in future. This is not to gag you in any way. It's just people are very skittish in my community at the moment, which means even I have to watch what I say, in case someone wants to make a cheap name for themselves… you catch my drift.

But I know you will not let this divert you. I just ask for some prudence, I ask you on your behalf.

I sincerely hope I have not condescended, although I feel I may have. This is far from my intention. I am immensely impressed.

I will be dropping off the edge for a few weeks, but I will look forward to meeting you.

Charles - I believe, according to Bill - (lol)