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The Orion Project: Update - 19th January


Precursor Engineering

As noted in our October 14 Newsletter last year, retired Col. Thomas Bearden has described some of the physics mechanisms that will allow the extraction of energy from the vacuum. Recently he has written an easy-to-read briefing entitled “Precursor Engineering and the Falsification of Modern Physics” which describes some history of energy physics and why energy science is at a stalemate today. It makes for very interesting reading and provides a clue as to why our energy sector is in such a mess and how we may get out of the dilemma. Below are a few of the far-reaching ideas and scientific references Bearden presents to get you intrigued. Please see the original article to understand more fully the implications of what he is telling us.

He suggests that nothing less than “directly engineering physical reality at will.” is possible using the physicist Paul Dirac's concept of “local vacuum tickling”.

How might this happen? Well, in the classical concept of the “probabilities” vacuum, there are positive energy/positive probabilities of ever-higher energy interactions that ultimately result in the creation of every “observable” in the universe. Basically, the observable universe is “continually being created and ‘happening' at an incredible rate” by these positive energy/positive probabilities.

Now, what if there was a way to produce some sort of negative energy/negative probabilities (negative E)?

Dirac describes the removal of the negative energy from physics: “One gets over the difficulty on the classical theory by arbitrarily excluding those solutions that have a negative E. One cannot do this in the quantum theory, since in general a perturbation will cause transitions from states with E positive to states with E negative." [Dirac, Proc. of the Royal Society A, Vol. 117, p. 610]. Here he suggests that tiny perturbations will produce negative energy in the affected region of the vacuum. In other words, tiny-energy sharp-gradient pulses will add “negative probabilities” into a specific region so that highest “positive probabilities” that create and hold together a physical structure start to “unhappen”.

For example, if the correct sharp-gradient pulse were applied to water, the OH-bond positive-probability that holds water together would start to “unhappen” and the water molecules would just come apart as their OH bonds start to vanish statistically.

As our aware readers of The Orion Project may quickly realize, this suggests a powerful tool in the breaking apart of water to produce a combustible mixture of H and O or hydroxy (Brown's) gas. This is what might have been done by Stan Meyer, Dr. John Kanzius and other researchers, who used various pulsed electromagnetic energies to break apart water. They probably did this without an understanding of this potential mechanism. This mechanism of negative energy “unhappening”, as Bearden describes it, can also be used in the “unhappening” of some diseases, another area of present research.

Finally, it is interesting to note that the concepts of “negative energy occur in the Schrödinger equation and in Dirac's relativistic electron theory, and so there it is in the very foundations of physics.” Yet during the 1930's some physicists, afraid of the implications of this negative energy, removed as much of this knowledge as possible from classical physics. As noted by Hotson, "I think if one had to point to a single place where science went profoundly and permanently off the track, it would be 1934 and the emasculation of Dirac's equation." [D. L. Hotson, "Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy," Part I, New Energy, Issue 43, 2002, pp. 1-20. Quote is from p. 1.]

Bearden calls the application of these processes “precursor engineering, since one is directly engineering the ongoing creative bubble-set of an observable entity, by not only "happening" the statistical processes involved in it but also by selectively "unhappening" the entire set or selected parts of it.”

The ultimate application of such technology will allow “humankind to enter into the “final physics” and allow direct engineering of physical reality itself”, hopefully for the overall betterment of mankind. At least as a start, we at The Orion Project and others can use some of these concepts to change our energy paradigm.


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