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The New York Times Covers the UFO/ET New Energy Issue

Toronto Ontario Canada May 14, 2009 – The New York Times has covered the UFO/ET energy issue. Thanks in large part to the efforts of Stephen G. Bassett Director of the Paradigm Research Group, the continued coverage of the UFO/ET matter by CNN, the LA Times, the Washington Post and now the New York Times further legitimizes and expands the surge of detailed research, authenticity and the credibility of the UFO/ET Disclosure process.

Anne C. Mulkern in her New York Times article cites the work of political activist Stephen G. Bassett Director of the Paradigm Research Group and his efforts to bring the reality of the UFO/ET matter to the forefront of journalism, government and the energy sector.

Ms. Mulkern writes:

"The UFO phenomenon is real," Bassett said. "The E.T. extraterrestrial presence is real." He went on to say, "What is the energy system operating that craft? They're not burning kerosene. It eliminates oil. It eliminates coal. If it's as good as we think it is, it transforms everything."


Read Anne C.  Mulkern’s entire article A Climate Solution that's Out of this World in the New York Times at:


The significance of this coverage is complex and far-reaching. It indicates large mainstream press outlets like the New York Times now consider the UFO/ET matter and its related energy implications as serious business. It also appears the remaining mainstream investigative television programs such as CBS’s 60 Minutes and NBC’s Dateline will have no other alternative than to follow suit.


It must also be assumed that the White House and those staff who direct the affairs of the newly elected President are paying attention to this news development as they read the New York Times. Bassett’s initiative - A Million Faxes to the White House will now enjoy a precipitous edge in achieving notoriety and serious consideration within the backrooms of the White House as well as on the desk of President Obama who like-mindedly espouses openness in government.

On the heels of this New York Times’ coverage, leading edge reporters will want to cover this matter for their newspapers.


Mr. Bassett has indicated to ZlandCommunications that he is available for interviews. He can be reached at:



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