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Paradigm Research Group

PRG Press Release - May 14, 2009
New York Times Article

Washington, DC/Bethesda, MD - The advocacy work of PRG has been featured in a May 14, 2009 New York Times article by Anne C. Mulkern of Greenwire, a leading environment and energy on-line publication.  Greenwire is part of Environment &  Energy Publishing (E&E).

"A climate solution that's out of this world" was triggered by the recent lobbying registration with the U. S. House and Senate by PRG executive director, Stephen Bassett, on behalf of the Exopolitics Institute.   Mr. Bassett has been lobbying since 1996 on behalf of a number of organizations regarding issues surrounding extraterrestrial-related phenomena including a government imposed "truth embargo."   The "energy" issue was added to these registrations during the past year.

"What is at issue here is "Disclosure" - the formal acknowledgement by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race," says Bassett. "Extraterrestrial derived technology, most likely from crashed or shot down vehicles, is the prize in the Disclosure Crackerjack Box.   It could be transformative in dealing with the growing number of crises facing the world's nations and peoples.  This technology is not going to be brought forward for peaceful development until the UFO/ET truth embargo is over.  End the embargo, get the tech."

Ms. Mulkern's piece correctly states the focus of the Disclosure movement is now on the new President of the United States.   This focus is spearheaded by the "Million Fax on Washington" which has directed thousands of letter, faxes and emails to President Elect Obama from November 5, 2008 to January 20, 2009 and to President Obama from January 21 to May 31, 2009.   "The third phase of this petitioning process will be announced worldwide on June 1.   Added Bassett, "The goal of the Million Fax on Washington is nothing less than 'tripping the switch' which makes Disclosure inevitable during 2009 - either by the United States or another first- or second-world nation."

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