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American Activist Issues Appeal to President Obama to Release U.S. UFO Files

Toronto ON Canada May 4, 2009 – American political activist Stephen G. Bassett Director of the Paradigm Research Group has issued a formal statement appealing to President Barack Obama to publicly acknowledge the existence of an Extraterrestrial presence and the truth embargo surrounding the US government’s practice of sequestering information on UFOs. The Paradigm Research Group (PRG) advocates politically for an end to the government imposed truth embargo of the facts surrounding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Mr. Bassett’s statement was presented at the National Press Club in Washington DC on Monday April 20, 2009 following PRG’s X-Conference at the Gaithersburg Hilton featuring former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell who also called upon the US government to step forward and release what it knows about the extraterrestrial presence. CNN’s cameras on the scene at the National Press Club provided live coverage of the event - streamed over its CNN.COM network.

In his appeal to the Obama administration Mr. Bassett stated, “I believe, as I’ve said publicly on many, many radio and television programs that the Obama administration through the nature of who they have appointed… has made a decision to disclose the ET presence… We are encouraging the administration which has dedicated itself to open and transparent government to commit the ultimate act of openness and transparency and to do it immediately before this truth embargo becomes its embargo…”

Mr. Bassett went on to say, “If they choose not to disclose by the end of May and wait … there is a very real possibility… that another nation will in fact act proactively on their own and disclose the extraterrestrial presence and they will wake up and they will pick up the Washington Post or the Washington Times and the headline will read, ‘President Sarkozy of France today will tell the French people about the confirmation of the extraterrestrial presence’ and provide evidence from the French military files and we will follow and they will lead. That’s what’s at issue today. I think it’s a pretty big issue.”

Mr. Bassett also specified that if the Obama administration fails to disclose, he and the substantial PRG resources would launch a major media campaign that would include extensive documentation of the Clinton administration’s knowledge of the UFO/ET matter through what is now known as the Rockefeller Initiative. The Rockefeller Initiative covers documentation from 1993 to 1996 and includes over 50 letters and memos clearly illustrating the Clinton White House administration’s involvement in the UFO/ET matter. ZlandCommunications has it on good authority that this documentation, if examined by any investigative main stream media outlet, would prove beyond any doubt that the UFO/ET matter has been discussed and analyzed at the highest possible levels in the White House; this includes the Obama administration’s current Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Clinton who was the First Lady at the time.

View video of Stephen G. Bassett’s full statement: Stephen G. Bassett’s Appeal to Obama Administration

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Thanks is extended to Exopolitics Demark and Exopolitics Germany for video compilation and editing.

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